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The Hilton Vienna Plaza provides you the chance to witness the rich heritage that Vienna has. One of the great things that the hotel offers is the combination of historical feel while offering a modern comfort. Located at Ringstrasse, the hotel became truly one off the masterpieces that could be found in the area.

Moreover, the hotel itself can be considered as a masterpiece as it has an Art Deco. It has also been decorated with original artworks amounting to 1,000 pieces while the lobby has been filled with the Carrara marble flooring. From the day that the hotel has been established up until today, the hotel has been offering a lot of innovation when it comes to their products, services and amenities as well.

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Schottenring 11 1010, Innere Stadt 29.00 € 32.00 € 65.00 €

If you aim to go to the said hotel, then you would need to travel 15 miles to be able to arrive to the hotel and it would probably take about 20 minutes for you to arrive at the forecourt of the hotel. This of course, still depends on whether there is traffic and depending on the route that the driver of airport transfer takes. Calling a taxi is the best option to make, as you would be able to reach the hotel on time. Moreover, they are also insured and license and so, you would be safe all throughout the travel.

Staying in the hotel would surely be a great experience for you and for your loved ones as well

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