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Hotel Am Stephansplatz

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The Excellent Hotel Am Stephansplatz

Hotel Am Stephansplatz is a hotel in Vienna that provides excellent experience. It has a perfect location, perfect staff, perfect hotel rooms and perfect breakfast. It is very modern, clean and surrounded by restaurants, cafes, wine bars as well as shops.

Hotel Am Stephansplatz also comes with free WiFi. People who already visited this place find its location best because it is located across the street near the cathedral and right on the pedestrian wherein all the centers are located.

How to get to and from Hotel Am Stephansplatz

Both the taxi and airport transfer vehicles goes to the same station. From the airport, there will be a little trek, so you need to take the underground line in U3 to your way to Stephansplatz and then emerge to the hotel. If you will get a taxi because it is much cheaper and will only take a 10 minutes of ride than the Cat, then it would be best if you will buy a 72 hour ticket in the airport as well as a single zone ticket for you to get to the airport from the boundary of the city. That would be able to cover your overall journey to Wien Mitte as well as on the underground of the hotel. So, if you want to experience the beauty of Vienna but you are looking first for a great place to stay, then Hotel Am Stephansplatz is a very good hotel for you to stay at.

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Price for airport transfer to or from Hotel Am Stephansplatz

Stephansplatz 9 1010, Innere Stadt 27.00 € 30.00 € 50.00 €