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Hotel Sacher Vienna

Why it’s good to stay in Hotel Sacher Wien

Hotel Sacher Wien is one of the most elegant and spectacular hotel located in Vienna. It is located in the center of the city that provides fantastic and incredible service. The decors they have are very beautiful and the menus they serve are very delicious. Hotel Sacher Wien features luxurious and beautiful suites for a magical experience in the city. They provide a VIP welcome to their customers. The people who will stay in this hotel will surely have a magical and unforgettable experience in Vienna because of the great services they give.

How to Get to and from Hotel Sacher Wien

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Price for airport transfer to or from Hotel Sacher Wien

Philharmoniker Str. 4 1010, Innere Stadt Book Limousine 29.00 € Book Station Wagon 32.00 € Book Van 65.00 €

Riding a taxi going to the hotel seems to be the most convenient and the easiest way in order to get to the hotel. Just beyond the main doors and baggage claim, you will be able to find the rank of taxi with a cab that waits for you to the Wien. When you decide to book for a taxi in advance, it will usually cost you about 27 Euros. The airport of Vienna is enough for the driver to wait for your arrival with the sign having your name. While there are more taxis that do accept cards, it would be best to have the right amount of Euros on hand in paying for it. 

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