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Hotel Sans Souci Wien in Vienna

Hotel Sans Souci Wien in Vienna

When you have decided to spend five nights in Hotel Sans Souci Wien, you will surely not regret it because of the great things you will get from the hotel. It is a stylish and luxurious hotel that provides very good attention to detail with very comfortable and organized room as well as excellent staff that will surely make your stay a very relaxing one. The location of the hotel is very good. You only need to have a short walk from the main attractions of Vienna. This hotel is also a good place to explore because there are a number of restaurants located nearby as well as shopping malls.

How to get to and from Hotel Sans Souci Wien

You can ride a taxi to the hotel wherein it will travel between Landstraße-Wien Mitte and airport every in which you will have a total of 16 minute trip. When you are already in Landstraße-Wien Mitte, you need to change your route to the U3 direction Ottakring and then exit at Volkstheather station and take the exit of Burggasse. That way, you will be able to find the directory of the hotel to the opposite exit. On the other hand, for your departure, there is the option for you to check your luggage in the Landstraße-Wien Mitte station or in the terminal. When you are already on your way to the airport, it would be best if you will rent a taxi from the hotel to the airport for an easy travel.

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Price for airport transfer to or from Hotel Sans Souci Wien

Burggasse 2 1070, Neubau Book Limousine 29.00 € Book Station Wagon 32.00 € Book Van 65.00 €

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